My dear parishioners,

I have asked our Notre Dame Academy principal — Mrs. Linda Hobbs — to let you know about some of the safety steps being taken as a new academic year begins at the Cathedral campus. Mrs. Hobbs informs us:

School begins on Monday, August 17.  We will be teaching face to face.  We have put several precautionary measures in place for the safety of our students and staff.

The following are some of the steps that have been implemented for this academic year:

— Students desks are positioned 6 feet apart

— Students and staff will wear masks

— Students and staff will check in with the Minehealth app before entering the building

— E – learning is available for students if needed

— Students will stay in their classroom; teachers will move to and from classes

— Each classroom will have a sanitizing station outside and inside of the room

— Classes will be assigned to specific restrooms

— Classrooms, hallways and restrooms will be cleaned several times a day

— Students will have their own lockers and there will be no sharing of supplies

— Students will walk 6 feet apart when walking through the hallway

— Specific grades will travel through designated stairwells

— Students will have lunch served in disposable containers

— Classrooms will be nightly sanitized with a sanitizing sprayer

— Classes will be assigned specific areas on the playground

— Playground and PE equipment is assigned to specific grades

There are many more safety measures being implemented by our teachers and our staff.

I thank Mrs. Hobbs — and I know Monsignor McGhee (St. Augustine’s) and Father Anyanwu (St. Mary’s) join me.  The principal has put in many extra hours and extra days this summer — to make the Academy a safe place for our students. 

And we intend that our PSR program — at St. Augustine’s campus — will begin soon, with very similar safety precautions.

Finally, we must never forget to ask daily for the help of the Lord our great Teacher; to acknowledge the motherly care of Our Lady (“Notre Dame”) for our youngsters; and to expect – not only from faculty and staff, but also from students and parents – cooperation in education that is solid, challenging, Christ-centered, disciplined and yet joyful.

Father Schrage and I will be visiting school regularly. God bless the new academic year!

In Christ,

Monsignor Myler